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Tuesday Afternoon Practice Report

This practice session was moved into the bubble so there aren't as many observations.  But there are some courtesy of Ben Volin:

-A couple of new injuries. P.K. Sam didn't practice and wore a sleeve over his left knee. Also saw Will Allen getting his right thigh/hamstring treated, and he was held out of the team drills at the end of practice. Keith Traylor, Joey Porter, Mike Rosenthal, Kelvin Smith and Marty Booker all rode the bikes. Porter wore an ice pack over his right knee.

-Nice one-handed grabs by Derek Hagan and Ted Ginn, but Ginn also had a bad drop on a pass over the middle. Gave it the Aligator Arms.

-While working with the second team, Cleo Lemon scanned downfield, didn't see anyone open, and took off. He ran 20 yards before a defender touched him. He's definitely the quickest and most mobile of the three quarterbacks.

-As good as Beck has looked during camp, he is still a rookie. He underthrew Hagan by five yards on one play, a clear miscommunication between the QB and WR. He also missed badly on a couple other throws.

-David Martin, Justin Peelle and Courtney Anderson appear to be the top three TEs, but don't forget about Aaron Halterman. He and Green are clearly forming a rhythm, and he made a great diving grab in the end zone in full team drills.

Not too much there.  Hopefully Will Allen's injury is just a minor issue.

Well that's all I could find on this practice session.  Remember, time is running out so get your Chambers' projections in if you're interested.