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Tuesday Morning Practice Report

Today is one of the few two-a-days that remain, or at least are open to the public.  Here are some of Edgar Thompson's thoughts:

-K Jay Feely doesn't miss. He nailed several routine kicks in the 40-, 45-yard range. He then stepped out and piped a 55-yarder, followed by two 60-yard efforts.

-WR Derek Hagan just burns CB Jason Allen with a nice double move. Trent Green is behind with the throw but Hagan has so much cushion it's a TD.

Green is much better on his next throw, hooking up deep with veteran Marty Booker, who easily beat CB Will Allen.

Well, that didn't last for long: Green is well behind Ted Ginn Jr. on a deep sideline route and CB Michael Lehan picks it off. Green's accuracy on throws beyond 18, 20 yards continues to be hit or miss.

-Rookie John Beck in.

He leads Kerry Reed perfectly on a drag route for a nice gain.

Hits Hagan on a comeback route and Malone on a intermediate in route, followed by a perfect bomb to rookie David Sutton, who could have closed his eyes and put out his hands and caught that pass.

-Onward to team 11-on-11 1st play: Short pass to David Martin 2nd play: Green hits M Booker in the flat 3rd play: Another checkdown to Martin, who was a ghost during the pre-season game. 4th play: Green goes back to Martin once more, but S Yeremiah Bell makes a nice play on the crossing route to break it up.

-9-on-9 drill, down and distance, only half the O-line. Green in. 3rd-4: Green hits Chambers on a short in for a first down. 3rd-7: Hits Schlesinger in the flat for a first down. 3rd-7: Inc to Booker over the middle, pass is high. 3rd-7: Hits Booker on a short pass in middle, no first. 3rd-long: Out pass to Hagan broken up by Lehan, who makes a nice, diving play on the ball.

-Lemon in 3rd-4: Hits FB Reagan Mauai on a swing pass no gain 3rd-4: Would have been a sack, Kevin Vickerson blows by rookie Drew Mormino. Lemon steps up and overthrows Ginn. 3rd-7: Finds Sutton deep down the sideline. Sutton jogs back gingerly. 3rd-7: Finds Martin across the middle, nice play 3rd-long: C. Anderson in the flat, way short of first down.

-Beck in 3rd-3: Shirdonya Mitchell breaks up a slant pass, he knew this was coming. 3rd-5: Threads it in to TE Aaron Halterman. First down. 3rd-8: Finds Anderson in the flat, close to first down. 3rd-10: Slant to Reed, who had some room to run after the catch.

-Green in 1st-10: Hits Ginn in stride on a slant, nice pick-up 2nd-10: Slant to Ginn, nice play by CB Derrick Johnson to break it up. 3rd-5: Another slant to Ginn, complete. Think they'll run this play? When the Dolphins do, the QB can't hang Ginn out to take a huge shot. 3rd-5 (I think): Slant to Ginn, Johnson breaks it up again. 3rd-10: Slant to Ginn on the other side. The rookie gets his legs tangled and gets up slowly. Seems to be fine.

Green continues to be up and down.  But hey, he's a vet so let's give him a chance.  I'm anxious to see how the offense looks on Thursday night on ESPN.  Should be exciting for many of you who can't otherwise see the Dolphin preseason games.

And here's some info from Omar Kelly:

-The Sun-Sentinel has it on good authority that Zach Thomas, Jason Taylor, and possible Keith Traylor, will likely be held out of Thursday's exhibition game against the Chiefs just as they were during last Saturday's win over Jacksonville.

-Marty Booker is practicing again today. He just beat Will Allen on a long touchdown pass from Green during one-on-one drills, but he walked back to the rest of the receivers very gingerly.

-Michael Lehan just picked off a pass intended for Ted Ginn Jr. He made a great adjustment on the ball while it was in the air, and Ginn never fought for it. I've been very impressed with Lehan all camp, and in fact he was working with the first team Tuesday morning, playing opposite Travis Daniels.

-It appears that Chris Liwienski is splitting time with Drew Mormino for the starting left guard spot during Tuesday's practice.

-Backup left tackle Julius Wilson appears to have suffered an injury during practice.

-Just watched Yeremiah Bell pull something in his right leg trying to cover David Martin. He stayed in on the series.

-Also noticed Anthony Alabi is working at left guard, playing next to Vernon Carey. Maybe it was an unbalanced line.

And the game of "musical oline" continues.  At this point, I won't even speculate.  Who knows what's going on up front?  Certainly not I.

Anyways, I got to run.  I got a long day of playing Madden ahead of me (yes, I'm that guy).  Also, be sure to scroll down a few posts and make your projections in the Chris Chambers community projections thread.  I'll be totalling that up later today if I can tear myself away from Madden.