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Monday Practice Report

Only one practice today and it just concluded.  Here are some observations from Ben Volin:

-Good news on the injury front -- Vernon Carey's knee looks just fine, and he is practicing like he always does. Just saw him squatting and standing with a medicine ball. We'll get the official word from Cameron after practice.

-Joey Porter is on the bike. Marty Booker is back practicing with the receivers.

-Brandon Fields is booming the punts downfield again today, following his nice game on Saturday. He needs to improve his release time, but Fields looks good.

-On the far side of the field, Beck lobs two perfect passes in a row, one to each corner of the end zone. First he hits Michael Malone down the left side, then finds Ted Ginn on the next play.

-Green's first pass is low and wide of Marty Booker. Thrown in heavy traffic.

-First team offense, second team defense. Sweep right to Ronnie, and he's got plenty of blockers ahead of him.

-Lemon throws a nice quick post to Hagan.

-Beck targets Kerry Reed over the middle ... and he's picked off clean by S Courtney Bryan. Not his best decision.

-Mix-up between Lemon and Chambers. Chambers ran to the back of the end zone, Lemon threw it to the front corner. Will Allen snags it, and would've had a 101-yard TD return.

-Trent is in now. He looks a lot more accurate today than he did Saturday and in previous practices.

-Cleo rolls right and fires a bullet 20 yards downfield to Ginn ... but the throw is low, and Will Allen makes a beautiful diving catch for the interception.

-Trent is in now with the second team. Nice post pass to Aaron Halterman. Trent is on the money today.

-Trent looks like a man on a mission. Pump fakes and throws a beautiful deep ball to Hagan about 30 yards down the right sideline. CB Shirdonya Mitchell bit just enough on the fake for Green to find Hagan.

-Green misses on his first two passes. First one is a deep ball he throws out of bounds, the second one he throws low to Chambers.

-Green redeems himself with a nice ball over the middle to Az Hakim.

-Ginn drags across the middle and burns Travis Daniels and Renaldo Hill for a 20-yard pickup.

It was a light practice, but it's good to see that Trent looks like he's "on a mission."  This wasn't Beck's best practice, but he's a rookie and is allowed to have a few poor ones.  Also, good news on Carey, as Ben reports he looked fine.  We'll have to hear what Cameron says about him.