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Offensive starters to see action

Armando Salguero reports that we are actually going to see a lot of the starters on the offensive side of the ball tomorrow night against Jacksonville.  Cameron is expected to play most of the offensive starters for the entire first half.  Trent Green will start at quarterback with Ted Ginn starting at wide receiver, filling in for Marty Booker as he rests his sore knee.

Ronnie Brown is expected to see a lot of work as well, as he is likely to play the entire first half too.  Jesse Chatman is expected to relieve Ronnie in the second half.  

Cleo Lemon is reportedly going to work the third quarter at QB with John Beck seeing his first action in the fourth quarter.  And defensively, rookie Paul Soliai will start, as the team will rest aging veteran Keith Traylor.

Personally, I'm very excited to see this offense for that long of a time.  They need the work as they are all learning a new system and need to get comfortable in it.  However, if anyone gets hurt, my feeling will surely change.

So what are all of your thoughts on this?  Are you excited to see the first string offense for a half or do you think it is dumb and are worried about injuries?