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Wednesday Practice Report

Only one session today following the first night practice session last night.  Onto the observations.

First up is Greg Bedard:

-Here's the offensive line depth chart right based on practice:
LT Vernon Carey, Julius Wilson
LG Chris Liwienski, Tala Esera
C Samson Satele, Johnathan Ingram, Dan Stevenson
RG Drew Mormino, Rex Hadnot, Stephen Parker
RT Anthony Alabi, L.J. Shelton, Mike Rosenthal

-RB Jesse Chatman has looked good so far. He just took a nice fake pass, screen to the backside from Trent Green and turned it up field for a nice gain;

-One of Green's best attributes -- that he's agressive and won't give up -- can be one of his worst. He just rolled out to the right and fired the ball at the ground in traffic. Why risk a tip? Just throw the thing out of bounds;

-Green just hit Courtney Anderson on a nice 20-yard touchdown on a slant;

-In 9-on-9 redzone, Lemon tried to throw it out of the end zone but Yeremiah Bell lept about 8 feet in the air and picked it off;

-While Matt Roth shoved Mormino back about 5 yards, Lemon was picked off by Daniels;

-David Martin just whiffed on a block of Joey Porter, and Porter slammed Brown for a 3-yard loss. Porter followed that up with a sack after Mormino was overwhelmed;

-Great read and pass by Green to hit Justin Peelle on a 30-yard slant;

-For those who were asking, Alabi looks out of shape and slow, which he is after off-season surgery. He's weeks away from being ready, which makes his and Mormino's appearance on the first team more puzzling;

-Going against the first team, Beck was swarmed by Crowder and Thomas quickly and looked very confused;

-Derek Hagan and Yeremiah Bell just got into it, with Hagan throwing a haymaker at Bell. They were then quickly separated;

-Green and Chambers just saved a growingly atrocious offensive performance with a 60-yard bomb down the right sideline over Mitchell, who is having a bad day;

-You guys aren't going to like this, but this is the absolute truth. So far in camp, the offense has been terrible. It's as bad as last year's camp performance, and that of 2004, when Fiedler and Feely were throwing ducks all over the place. I know the defense is very good, and that's a big part of it, but, man, it's really bad. They can't run or throw with any consistency. Trust me, I'm telling you the truth.'s early.  That's what I'm going to tell myself.  Too early to worry.  Be back later with more reports as I find them.

**UPDATE**: Here are some more thoughts, a little bit more positive than the ones above, on today's practice from Omar Kelly:

-Trent Green is finally starting to look like the 14-year veteran he is.

Those in attendance during Wednesday's afternoon practice got a glimpse of what's possible this season during the Dolphins team drills as Green, the projected starting quarterback, connected with Chris Chambers for a 60-yard touchdown pass.

Green, who has gotten off to a slow start in camp, was right on the money, hitting Chambers in stride on a streak route once Chambers got behind cornerback Shirdonya Mitchell.

Green, who has been splitting first-team snaps with Cleo Lemon, has been the quarterback picked off the most in camp's first week. But both he and coach Cam Cameron don't seem bothered by the 14-year veteran throwing ill-advised passes at this point.

-Rookie quarterback John Beck, who put together two impressive practices on Tuesday, continued his hot streak. During 7-on-7 drills Beck threaded a bullet pass to newly acquired tight end Courtney Anderson, who used his large frame to shield off the defender to make the catch.

A little bit of a more positive spin put on today's practice. But the offense is still a work in progress and nobody should be surprised by that.