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All-Time Favorite Dolphin Update

OK, here's where we stand.  Bob Kuchenberg's lead over Nat Moore continued to grow, so I replaced Moore with Kooch in the top 20 all-time favorites.

Now, there was also debate over Surtain and Madison being in while Moore and Fernandez weren't.  Some also expressed dissatisfaction over O.J. McDuffie being in there.  But as far as McDuffie goes, he received the 3rd lowest elimination votes out of EVERYONE in the top 20, so clearly he's an all-time favorite player and most definitely deserves to be on this list.  So, that leaves Surtain, Madison, Fernandez, and Moore.  I've opened up a poll - the last one before the top 20 - to decide which TWO you want IN the competition.  The two HIGHEST vote getters will move into the top 20.  The two LOWEST get the boot.

So be sure to vote over on the left sidebar!