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Ask The Phinsider

Time to get to some of your e-mails again.  It's been a while so I apologize.  Also, remember to send your e-mails to  Onto the e-mails:

What do you think of the Raiders getting Daunte Culpepper?

Not even a few hours have passed since Daunte signed with Oakland and I already got 2 e-mails about it.  So let me quickly give my thoughts.  I think it's a good spot for Daunte, if he's healthy, to show that he still can play at a high level in this league.  He'll have a shot at some considerable playing time if JaMarcus Russell continues his holdout.  The Raiders have historically ran the type of offense that Daunte would succeed in.  Al Davis loves the deep ball, which is Daunte's #1 asset.  And the Raiders have some good receivers who can get down the field in a hurry.

However, if Daunte isn't healthy or isn't as mobile as he used to be, he has a chance to really hurt his stock and really kill his career.  The Raiders still have a horrid offensive line.  How bad?  I'd say their OL makes Miami's look like a top 10 unit.  If Culpepper can't move well, he's likely to take a serious beating.  

Either way, I hope he holds up long enough so we can potentially see a Daunte vs the Dolphins game when Oakland comes to Miami on September 30.  That would certainly be a fun game to attend (and I'll be there!).

What's the deal with the right side of the offensive line?  Is this team really considering having Mormino and Alabi start over Hadnot and Shelton?  What gives?

You know, I'm not sure what to read into this situation.  It's been said by many that Cameron and Houck are just trying to get a look a various combinations of the offensive line.  However, in each practice session, it's been the same first unit.  They don't really seem to be taking a look at different combinations.  So I'm a little confused.

Without a doubt, Rex Hadnot has been the most consistent offensive lineman currently on the Dolphins' roster.  He was a good center, but an even better guard before moving to center.  So I'm not sure why he's been working with the 2nd team.  As far as Shelton goes, I'm aware that he's had his issues at tackle.  But the early reports out of camp on Anthony Alabi were that he looked slow and out of shape.  So why is he working with the first team?  Only Cam and Houck can answer that.

However, remember that it is still early.  Perhaps the coaching staff is just experimenting.  Or maybe this is just their way of doing things.  Keep in mind that even though Hadnot and Shelton are working with the 2nd team, they are keeping those 2 together.  So it's possible that those 2 will end up being the starting right side of the line and that this is just something that the coaching staff is doing for practice purposes.  We'll have a better idea once the preseason games start coming around.

What do you think about the QB situation?  I've been at a few practices and, to me, Beck looks to be the sharpest QB right now.  Is it possible that he could actually start week 1?

You know, you aren't the first one to say that John Beck has looked like the best quarterback so far in camp.  In fact, Harvey Fialkov has written the same thing.  But here's something to keep in mind.  Beck, when doing team drills, is working against the 3rd team defense.  Meanwhile, Trent Green is working against the extremely talented 1st team defense.  So it isn't a fair comparison right now.  But Beck does throw against some 1st team defenders when they work on one-on-one passing drills.  And he has looked good in those as well.

But I think what it comes down to is the fact that if this offensive line isn't blocking well enough in pass protection come the regular season, it doesn't make much sense to throw Beck, our supposed QB of the future, to the wolves.  However, I'll have a harder time making that point if Beck looks very good in his preseason appearances and Green doesn't look as sharp.  But, like I've been saying, it's very early and a lot can happen.  At this point, I just want to see Beck continue to grow as a QB so that whenever his time does come, he's ready to succeed.

So have you heard from "Shane Mularkey" again?  What an ass that kid was.  But I guess I can understand his frustration.  I'd be angry too if I was related to Mike Mularkey.  Bottom line here:  Mike Mularkey sucked as this team's offensive coordinator.  He was terrible.  Simply terrible.  My 4 year old daughter could call plays and have as much success as Mike did last year.  Keep up the good work, Matty.  And if "Shane" has any more issues, tell him to come find me!

Well thanks!  Oh, and this e-mailer asked me to use his name to identify him.  So a thank you goes out to Chris Edmondson for that e-mail.  And yes, I did receive another e-mail from this "Shane" character.  Still don't know if it is actually Mike Mularkey's son.  Either way, he again told me I know nothing about football and if I ever mention his name again that I "will regret it."  Oops.  It seems I did.

That's it for now.  As always, send your e-mails to