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All-Time Favorite Dolphin Update

Voting for group 4 of round 2 is over.  It was the closest vote we've had yet.  Here are the results for who you voted to eliminate:

  1. Bernie Parmalee: 37%
  2. Trace Armstrong: 24%
  3. Louis Oliver: 14%
  4. Dick Anderson: 14%
  5. Patrick Surtain: 11%
As you can see, Oliver and Anderson were extremely close.  However, Oliver did have 3 more votes to be eliminated than Anderson.  Therefore, Parmalee, Armstrong, and Oliver are all gone and Anderson and Surtain both move into the top 20.

Voting for group 5 of round 2 has begun to the left.  Remember to vote for the player you want to ELIMINATE from the competition.

And be sure to check back later tonight for the next edition of "Around the AFC East."