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All-Time Favorite Dolphin Update

Voting for the final group of round 2 is over.  Here are the results for who you all chose to eliminate:

  1. Keith Jackson: 55%
  2. Reggie Roby: 20%
  3. Jim Kiick: 14%
  4. Nick Buoniconti: 8%
  5. Dan Marino: 3%
Therefore, Jackson, Roby, and Kiich are eliminated and Buoniconti and Marino round out the top 20.

Speaking of the top 20, here's who you all chose as the top 20 most popular Dolphins of all time:

Larry Csonka, Richmond Webb, Larry Little, Mark Clayton, Zach Thomas, Dan Marino, Jason Taylor, OJ McDuffie, Bob Griese, Mark Duper, Paul Warfield, Mercury Morris, Dwight Stephenson, Jake Scott, Nick Buoniconti, John Offerdahl, Sam Madison, Patrick Surtain, Nat Moore, and Dick Anderson.

Here's a list of guys that just missed making the top 20:

Louis Oliver, Bob Kuchenberg, Tony Nathan, Tim Bowens, Ronnie Brown, AJ Duhe, Jim Kiick, and Manny Fernandez.

So, before I begin the voting processes for the top 20, I want to hear if any of you out there feel that any of the top 20 should be replaced by one of the above 9 to just miss the cut.  If you do, make a comment in this thread, giving the name of the guy you want in, the name of the guy you want out, and a quick reason.  If any of you make a good case, I'll put it up to a vote.

You all have 24 hours to make a case for any changes.  After that 24 hour window, we will move on, cutting the top 20 down to a top 10.