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Tuesday Morning Practice Report

It seems as though today's morning practice was VERY laid back.  Greg Bedard called it the "most boring practice" he's ever seen.  Here are some observations from Bedard:

-TE Courtney Anderson dropped an easy 5-yard out from Beck. His hands must still be on West Coast time;

-In a glimpse of the future, Beck and Ted Ginn just hooked up on a 45-yard TD over Shirdonya Mitchell and Tuff Harris. Great ball by Beck. Nice separation from Ginn;

-After nearly being sacked, Beck stepped us nicely and drilled Aaron Halterman on a 25-yard crossing pattern;

-Beck just showed his nice touch when he perfectly lofted a corner pass to Patrick Cobbs. Beck's looking sharp. Of course, it's against bench players, but it's a good practice for him to gain a little confidence;

-Lorenzo Booker just took a dump pass and made eight guys miss. It looked like he was playing flag football against guys built like me. He runs with the ball like he's on skates;

Just a note...all of the team drills were with the 3rd team offense and 3rd team defense.  So don't read too much into Beck's strong outing.  It is a confidence booster, nonetheless.

Anyway, I'll post more practice reports as I come across them.  And remember, tonight's practice is at 7pm.

**UPDATE**: I found one more. This one is by Omar Kelly:

-QBs are now throwing passes to the back in the flat and I'm going to use this opportunity say that it appears that John Beck has the best arm. He has a quick release and is very accurate. I saw that early on and have been watching it to make sure my assessment is accurate and I believe it is.

-Beck threw a bullet to Michael Malone that was put in the perfect spot on the sideline. Guess he was feeling good about himself because his next pass was deep to Marvin Allen and WELLLLL overthrown.

-After dropping his first catch new tight end Courtney Anderson caught a bullet from Beck in the middle of the field.

-Beck finally connected on the play of practice, hitting Ginn for a 40-yard touchdown. The defense was in a zone and Ginn used his speed get behind Shirdonya Mitchell and Tuff Harris. Pass was on the money.

-Beck continues to be sharp. He just threw two straight good passes, and improvised under pressure on a dump of to Lorenzo Booker, who reversed field and cut up the left side for about a 20-yard game. I have yet to see anyone on this team move in space like Booker does.