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Afternoon Camp Notes

Here are some observations on today's afternoon practice, courtesy of Ben Volin:

-You can tell Cory Schlesinger is itching to hit someone hard. For now he'll have to use a blocking pad. Guy also is showing off his hands on the sideline passing drills.

-Nice fingertip grab by Derek Hagan along the sideline.

-Beck's feet don't look nearly as happy this afternoon. Nice throw on the run to Kerry Reed, but Reed dropped it in coverage.

-Yeremiah Bell just planted Justin Peelle after the catch. Contact, indeed.

-RT Shelton and RG Hadnot continue to line up with the second team. Shelton's man, Akbar Gbaja-Biamila, nearly picked off Lemon.

-Beautiful bomb down the right sideline from Beck to Reed, who hauled it in between several defenders. The small crowd of day campers cheered even louder on the next play when Lorenzo Booker broke one for about 50 yards.

-Flag on Ginn for offensive pass interference. Climbed on Lehan's back on a deep ball down the sideline. Green could've used more offensive PI, because Renaldo Hill picks off his next pass.

-Joey Porter briefly left practice but is back now, kneeling on the field. No media access tonight, but we'll try to figure out why he left. He seems to be moving around fine, though.

Good stuff from Ben, filling in for Edgar Thompson and Greg Bedard.  And as I come across more from this afternoon's session, I'll be sure to post it for you guys.

**UPDATE**: These observations come from the Sun-Sentinel's Kevin Clark:

-The defensive line got through a number of times, batting down two passes from quarterbacks Cleo Lemon and Trent Green.

-Punter Brandon Fields was booming them on another field.

-There were a lot of kick-blocking drills practiced and not a lot of news. Kicker Jay Feely looks pretty good and the defense was doing as well as recovering fake-missed kicks as any defense could.

-Quarterback John Beck continues to find wide receiver Kerry Reed whenever possible. They connected on a beautiful strike down the sidelines, continuing a now weeklong tradition. They are the five-practices-into-training-camp-and-rookie-camp version of Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. Beck also connected with former Dillard (Fort Lauderdale) standout Ray Perkins on a nice slant through the middle.

This Kerry Reed stuff is getting pretty damn interesting. John Beck and Reed have been working their "connection" for about a week now dating back to rookie camp. I'm very excited to see how they fare when they see action in the preseason. But for now, it's yet another thing that bares watching.