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Monday Morning Practice Reports

Here are some thoughts by the south Florida media on today's morning practice.

First up is Greg Bedard:

-Jay Feely's getting his kick on right now. Hard to tell distances, but he was 4 of 5;

-The middle drill is on. The offensive line is the same as it has been: LT Vernon Carey, LG Chris Liwienski, C Samson Satele, RG Drew Mormino and RT Anthony Alabi. This has me perplexed and concerned. With the amount of change that they're going to have on this line, they need to take advantage of every opportunity they can to play the first-team guys together. And Alabi isn't a first-teamer. Even he says he can't run;

-On the other field, Chris Chambers juked Jason Allen and blew by him. Marty Booker had a terrific over-the-shoulder catch ala Chris Collinsworth;

-RB Ronnie Brown is once again running tenatively. He also seems to be having trouble with the heat as he is off to the side, squatting on the ground with a towel over his head;

-Brown is back on the field for the first 11-on-11 team drills of camp. Trent Green is running the first team. In a bad sign for the season, he was sacked by Matt Roth on the first play. Green then went completion to Booker and incomplete to Az Hakim;

-John Beck is with the second team and his first pass was a deep incompletion. CB Michael Lehan had great coverage. So far in camp, Lehan has been a huge surprise;

-Green just underthrew Chambers in 7-on-7 and was picked off by CB Travis Daniels. Green has been underwhelming so far in camp. I do chalk most of that up to getting used to his players and the offense;

-Beck made his best pass of camp yet when he led Marty Booker perfectly on a post with defenders over and under him;

-Ted Ginn just ran his first reverse. Line penetration pushed him back and he gained 1 yard. But he did look fast;

Well that's actually the only practice report I could find.  If I do come across any more, I'll be sure to pass them on.

**UPDATE**: Just came across another report, this one from Kevin Clark:

-Lots of interceptions: Quarterback Trent Green threw a bad pass that bounced off of Chris Chambers' hand and into the hands of cornerback Travis Daniels. A John Beck pass was tipped and turned into a Renaldo Hill interception. Another deflected pass from Gibran Hamdan found linebacker Channing Crowder. Another Beck pass intended for wide receiver Az-Zahir Hakim was broken up with a nice leap from Michael Lehan. Cam Cameron said after practice that ball-control was a concern.

-There was very little space for the running game, and the offensive line seemed to struggle all day. Most of the runs up the gut ended very quickly.

-Wide receiver Ted Ginn beat cornerback Cameron Worrell pretty badly on a long route. Sadly for Ginn, quarterback Cleo Lemon sent the ball sailing over both of their heads.

-Jay Feely had mixed results in his full-squad kicking drills. He was wide right twice, both from about 30 yards out and had a block from about 40. There was a bad snap from long snapper Dan Stevenson, as well.

I know it's early, but this stuff certainly isn't encouraging. Hopefully the afternoon session goes more smoothly for the offense.