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Cam Cameron Approval Rating Update

Time to check out Cam's approval rating again:

Cam's Approval Rating
Through start of training camp (7/28): 91%
Prior to 1st preseason game (8/11): 93%
Prior to 2nd preseason game (8/16): 89%
Prior to 3rd preseason game (8/25): 78%
Eve of 1st regular season game (9/8): 94%
Following week 1 (9/15): 75%
Following week 2 (9/22): 73%
Following week 3 (9/29): 61%
Following week 4 (10/6): 52%
Following week 5 (10/13): 52%
Following week 6 (10/20): 61%
Following week 7 (10/27): 60%
Following week 8 (11/3): 69%
Following bye week (11/10): 74%
Following week 10 (11/17): 42%
Following week 11 (11/25): 31%
Following week 12 (12/1): 49%
Following week 13 (12/8): 21%
Following week 14 (12/15): 17%

So it's safe to say that, finally, Cam's approval rating is down where most would say it should be. Now, what I'm curious about is how some people can actually approve of Cam's job. You're all well aware I'm not really a big fan of the idea of firing Cam (that is, unless there's a proven head coach willing to come try and clean up this mess), but to say you approve of Cam's job so far seems a bit odd, to say the least. So, please, whoever is voting that they approve of his job, feel free to share with us why you fell that way.

As always, remember to cast your vote (in the right sidebar) every so often to let us all know if you approve of the job that first year head coach Cam Cameron is doing.