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Sunday Practice Observations

Today's practice was moved inside the bubble due to some nasty weather, so it took a little longer for the reporters to get their observations posted online.  But they are finally starting to trickle in.

First up are the observations of Edgar Thompson:

-The big letdown turned out to be Cameron's decision to postpone the Oklahoma drills, featuring one defender, one blocker and running back coming behind the block. Maybe Monday.

Cameron said he decided to bag it because players aren't used to the artificial grass surface. Makes sense.

-The first-team offensive line situation remains a bit of a mystery, with Anthony Alabi at RT and rookie Drew Mormino at RG. Cameron didn't really illuminate us about it after practice, saying it's too early to make any judgments on lineups.

Still, one day with the Alabi-Mormino combo replacing Rex Hadnot and L.J. Shelton is one thing. This could become interesting as coaches look for the right combination on the O-line.

-QB Cleo Lemon is working with first team, while Trent Green is with the second team.

Cameron can't be seriously tinkering with the idea of not starting Green after the rigamoral the organization went through to get him.

-And while the Oklahoma drill was postponed, a lively middle drill did ensue with some solid hitting much to the chagrin to Cameron (he, like Saban, would prefer that the back be only thudded). The highlight was DT Keith Traylor absolutely abusing rookie center Samson Satele and then knocking RB Ronnie Brown on his back 4 yards behind the line. One more: RB Jesse Chatman decided to put a shoulder down on S Travares Tillman. Tillman easily put Chatman on the ground using just his arms. A little embarassing for Chatman.

These next observations come from Harvey Fialkov:

-The surprise coming out of the second day of training camp had to do with the evolving offensive line as projected starting right guard Rex Hadnot has been taking more snaps with the second unit.

Dolphins coach Cam Cameron admitted that the starting unit is far from set.

"We're a long way in terms of making any decisions on who the starters will be,'' Cameron said. "There will be some different combinations working throughout training camp. Every day is an evaluation process and this is the starting point.''

-Receiver Marty Booker is serious about holding onto his starting spot opposite Chris Chambers as he had an outstanding practice. His highlight catch came in the 11-on-11 drills when backup quarterback Cleo Lemon threw a wobbly bomb down the left sideline which Booker leapt high in the air for a two-handed fingertip catch over cornerback Will Allen. A few plays later, Booker crossed over the middle and took a perfectly led pass in stride from Lemon for a 40-yard touchdown. "He called that play in the huddle,'' Chambers joked.

-Rookie receiver Ted Ginn Jr. said he was recovered from his bout with dehydration in Saturday's afternoon practice, but he did drop a sideline pass.

-Newly acquired tight end Courtney Anderson got in for a few plays and made the catch on his only attempt for a sizeable gain. He could put pressure on David Martin for the starting job.

It seems that camp is getting more interesting by the day.  This odd right side of the offensive line is certainly something worth watching.  Everything I've heard about Alabi is that he looks slow and out of shape.  Yet, he continues to work with the first team.  As far as Hadnot goes, many thought he was the team's best offensive lineman and now he's been working with the 2nd team.  It's early, but is certainly something that bares close watching.

The other thing I think we should all keep an eye on is this developing story with the tight end position.  It seems as though Courney Anderson could push David Martin for the starting job.  He's 6'6 and has good speed for his size.  But like I said, it's still very early.  But at least we have even more to watch now as camp unfolds.