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Ginn Signed!!!!

Well I go to lunch, come back, and find out that ESPN's Len Pasquarelli is reporting this:

Wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr., Miami's first-round pick and the ninth pick overall, has agreed to terms with the Dolphins.

No financial terms were announced, but who gives a rat's ass right now.  What matters is that Ginn is locked up and will NOT miss any full squad workouts that begin tomorrow morning at 8:30am.  

Also interesting that none of the south Florida media people have reported this and it took ESPN to get the scoop.  Either way, Ginn's a Dolphin and that's that!

**UPDATE**: The Palm Beach Post's Edgar Thompson now is reporting this as well, saying it's believed Ginn's contract is a 5 year deal. Again, no financial terms have been disclosed.

**UPDATE**: Well Armando Salguero is also reporting it's a 5 year deal, though he says that there could be an "option year" in the deal.

**UPDATE**: Jeff Darlington reports that Ginn was already in the Dolphins training facility and that he attended the team's first meeting of the day. It's good to hear that Ginn didn't miss any part of the "official" training camp. Would it have been nice for Ginn to be on the field at rookie practice this past week? Of course. But having him signed for the start of full dquad workouts is the next best thing. Kudos to the front office for making this happen.

**UPDATE**: A source told the Sun-Sentinel that the deal is for 5 years and guarantees Ginn $13 million. Not a bad deal considering what the two guys drafted around him got.