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Roth: Saban was a jerk

In an article for the Iowa City Press-Citizen, Matt Roth told journalist Andy Hamilton that he's happy Nick Saban left and that he didn't treat his players with respect.  Here are his actual words:

"The Saban guy left, which I couldn't be more happy about," he said.  "I thought the guy was a jerk, and I didn't really like him, basically. The new guy (Cameron), I like a lot. He's a good guy, he's got a good philosophy and I think the team's going to rally around him and he's a good coach."

Roth also said that Saban was a "taskmaster who didn't treat people with respect."  Here's more of Roth's words:

"When you're dealing with college kids, that might work, but when you're dealing with full-grown men I don't think that goes over as well," Roth said. "It was more of a (philosophy) of do reps and just be quiet and listen, where now it's more of a coaching atmosphere. I think that'll be good for the team."

I think this is just further proof of how ineffective Saban was coaching professionals as opposed to college kids.  This year, it's already been stated that camp seems more relaxed and fun.  And if the players take to Cameron, then this could be a very bright future for the Miami Dolphins.