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Joey Porter E-mail Time

Here's an e-mail I recently received that comes from a Steelers fan named Ben.  He was responding to an article I wrote a few weeks back that compared Joey Porter and Adalius Thomas.  Here's what he had to say:

Hey, Steeler fan here wanting to chime in about your article comparing Thomas to Porter. One crucial thing I think you missed out is that opposing teams double team Terrell Suggs and/or Ray Lewis, leaving Thomas to make a lot of plays. In Pittsburgh, Porter was the guy they double teamed most of the time (although Hampton takes up a lot of space, he's in the middle and not often in the same territory as Porter). When Thomas hits New England, they'll probably be expecting him to lead the line and teams will regularly double team him for probably the first time in his career. When Porter hits Miami, he'll be opposite the guy who I consider one of the very best front 7 players of his generation in Jason Taylor. Porter's not going to have to face up to being double teamed consistently for the first time since he was paired with Jason Gildon (and all Steelers fans back then knew Porter was already more dangerous than Gildon).

Porter will be a superb signing for Miami if he can manage to keep his trap shut and stay out of trouble now he doesn't have the thought of being roasted alive by Bill Cowher ;)

Don't get me wrong I think Adalius Thomas is a hell of a player and I was clamouring for the Steelers to sign him as I think he's a perfect fit for our defense too, but you're right, he and Porter are not way off each other and it'll be interesting to see how a) Thomas deals with double teams and b) how the one guy opposite Porter manages to stop him ;)

Considering how most Steeler fans were talking about how Porter was "washed up" once he signed with the Dolphins, it's nice to hear the opinion of a clearly knowledgable Steelers fan.  This should only make you more excited about what we might see out of this defense in the upcoming season!