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All-Time Favorite Dolphin Update

Voting for group 8 of round 2 is over and here are the results for who you wanted to kick to the curb:

  1. David Woodley: 63%
  2. Jim Langer: 21%
  3. A.J. Duhe: 13%
  4. Mark Clayton: 2%
  5. Larry Csonka: 1%
So Clayton and Csonka move into the top 20 while Woodley, Langer, and Duhe join the others who have been booted.

Voting for group 9 is up and running over to the left.  As always, vote for who you want to ELIMINATE.  After this group, there's only one more group until we get into the top 20.  That's when it will get more interesting.