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More observations on today's sessions

Here are some more observations made by some of the south Florida media about today's practice sessions.

This comes courtesy of Edgar Thompson:

  • With Green looking on, Beck was sharp and seems to have developed a synergy with some of the young receivers like Kerry Reed, Michael Malone and David Sutton - my favorite to be a surprise this season.

    Beck and Malone, son of NBA Hall of Famer Moses Malone, hooked up on two intermediate out patterns along the sidelines that highlighted Beck's arm strength.

  • Beck looked a little shakier during the afternoon session, held in the team's indoor practice facility because of weather. The lowlight was an interception on a slant pattern that hit a defender in the stomach.

    Still, it's clear Beck has made a lot of strides since June and will be interesting to watch in the coming weeks in training camp and pre-season games.

  • Besides Beck and the WRs, the other young players had less of a chance to stand out. In the morning session, punter Brandon Fields had a chance to show off the leg that helped him lead the nation in punting in 2004 at Michigan State (47.9 yards per punt).

    Fields nailed one punt more than 60 yards on the fly with tremendous hang time. Even when he doesn't make great contact, Fields punts with ball with impressive distance.

This next bit of info comes from the Herald's Armando Salguero:

  • Green, grinning ear-to-ear, asked Beck about a throw that resulted in an interception during the team period of the practice.

    "You thought that was a cover two?" Green said with his knowing smile.

    "That's what I thought it was," Beck said shaking his head.

    Green put his arm around Beck as they went past me and into the locker room, still talking about the play that fooled the rookie.

  • Meanwhile, it is clear Beck has a very good arm. It's not so much about velocity with him, it's more about his quickness of release and his accuracy. His accuracy is about as good as I've seen around Dolphins camp in a loooong time.

These last observations come from Kevin Clark of the Sun-Sentinel:

  • Beck showed off impressive arm strength, hitting receivers over the middle with a Brett Favre-like fastball, including Kerry Reed, who he found numerous times in the morning session.
  • Shirdonya Mitchell intercepted one of Beck's passes, a jump-ball intended for the 6-foot-6 David Sutton. The ball was deflected and fell into the hands of Mitchell, 7 inches shorter than Sutton.

So what we learned today is that Beck does indeed have a strong arm and is as accurate as advertised.  Also, Kerry Reed seemed to impress a lot today.  It'll be interesting to see how both Beck and Reed fair when the full squad reports.