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Some info on practice

Here's some observations from practice made by Kevin Clark of the Sen-Sentinel:

Lorenzo Booker returned all punts in drills, in the absence of Ginn, and Michigan State rookie punter Brandon Fields took a majority of the snaps.

Green did not participate in 7-on-7 plays, though he did throw in individual drills early in practice.

Rookie Beck threw the first and, so far, only interception during drills when a high pass was picked off by safety Courtney Bryan. Michael Malone was the intended target.

Wide receiver Kerry Reed caught several passes over the middle, all of them from Beck. Reed downplayed the chemistry saying, "He was just looking for the open target and found me a few times."

A converted defensive end, rookie outside linebacker Abraham Wright struggled in one-on-one pass-defense drills, drawing a flag on one attempt and being beaten by Ray Perkins on another.

**UPDATE**: Here's another report from the Sun-Sentinel's Harvey Fialkov:

  • Rookie Lorenzo Booker returned punts in Ginn's absence and dropped a few and caught a few of rookie punter Brandon Fields' Reggie Roby-like skyscraping punts.
  • Beck looked like he has completely mastered the playbook already as he was barking out last-second audibles and moving his receivers around a-la Peyton Manning in 7-on-7 drills. His pinpoint accuracy was also impressive as he made sure that the DBs couldn't get hands on his completions to Michael Malone and former Michigan State stud Kerry Reed (who looked great out there). Green didn't and won't get reps during team drills until Saturday. And no Green didn't storm off the field a-la a certain other QB.
  • Seventh-round linebacker Abraham Wright had a rough start in his roving 4-3 outside spot as he seemed to struggle in one-on-one passing drills. Wright's a converted DE so he doesn't have much experience in that area, however, he is a solid pass rusher.
  • It was good to see injured CB Andre' Goodman on the exercise bicycle and without his sling on his twice surgically repaired left shoulder. T Joe Toledo is clearly bummed about being placed on PUP with a reaggravation of his injured left foot. The kid hasn't had a break in two years.

**UPDATE**: The press conferences of Cam Cameron, John Beck, and Trent Green have been posted at the official site. One thing of interest in Cam's opening statement was that he said that these practices are light and camp really cranks up on Friday. Then he said that all he knows is that Ginn and Randy are close. It seems to me like Cam's choosing his words carefully to make it seem like the "deadline" that Wayne Huizenga placed is the date veterans report rather than today's practices.

I also highly recommend checking out Beck's entire press conference. It isn't nearly as long as Cameron's and it gives you a feel into what kind of person Beck is. He also talks about how Trent Green has helped him a lot already. All in all, good stuff.

I'll post more as I come across them...