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Ginn Update Thread

[editor's note, by Matty I] I've reset the time stamp on this thread to bump it tp the top and I will keep it continuously with Ted Ginn news as info becomes available. Also, be sure to scroll down and check out the story below this one, as I've just posted the training camp preview for the defensive line. [end of note]

While PFT reported last night that the Ginn deal is "essentially done," it seems as though it isn't quite done yet and may not be done in time to get Ginn to today's rookie practice sessions.  Harvey Fialkov, of the Sun-Sentinel, writes that Ginn, who is registered at the team's hotel, has not been available for comment and Ginn's agent also has declined comment on the negotiations.  Fialkov also writes that "it's very doubtful," according to a source, that the deal is done in time for today's practices.  More on this as we hear it...

**UPDATE**: The Miami Herald's Jeff Darlington writes that the principle terms of Ginn's deal have been completed, but other things like incentives could still take "a few days."

**UPDATE**: This isn't a Ginn news update, but it's still something of note. Video from the first rookie camp practice has been posted on the team's official site. Incase you are wondering, it isn't just rookies, as other select free agents and young players also take part. Be sure to check that video out.