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Beck signs; Ginn close behind

Score one for my "source," who nailed it.  ESPN's John Clayton is reporting that the Dolphins have signed 2nd round pick John Beck.  The deal is a 4 year deal...if the Dolphins choose for it to be.  The 4th year is an option and it's likely that, if Beck performs well when he finally hits the field, that the Dolphins lock him up long-term before they ever get to that 4th year.  He receives $2.25 million in guaranteed money.

Meanwhile, Clayton says in that article that Ted Ginn is close to finalizing his contract with the team.  This coincides with a report from Jeff Darlington that both sides are working hard to get Ginn into camp before their first rookie workout, which is scheduled for tomorrow.  In this report by Darlington, he says the Beck was close to finalizing his deal.  Only a few hours later, Clayton reported that the deal was finalized.  Hopefully we hear that Ginn's contract is also finalized sometime soon.

**UPDATE**: The Sun-Sentinel is reporting that Ginn is registered at the team hotel and that all indications are that Ginn will sign in time to be at the team's first practice tomorrow morning. Also, the Akron Beacon Journal reports that the Dolphins are close to signing Ginn to a deal that includes $16 million in guaranteed money. We'll keep you posted...

**UPDATE**: PFT is now reporting the same thing that John Clayton said today on NFL Live, and that is that the Ginn deal is "essentially done" and that all major points of the contract are agreed upon. All that is holding the deal up are the escalator provisions. It's starting to seem likely that Ginn will be signed by the time the first morning practice comes tomorrow. And if so, then kudos to Randy Mueller and Miami's front office for coming through on owner Wayne Huizenga's "no holdout promise" that Wayne emphasized earlier this year. If you're a Dolphin fan, you can't help but have a good feeling about this new regime thus far!