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Another 1st Round Pick Signs

The Steelersd today announced the signing of their first round pick, linebacker Lawrence Timmons.  So why am I talking about this on a Miami Dolphins site?  Simple.  We are getting closer to setting some groundwork for Ted Ginn to sign his deal.

Timmons was the 15th overall pick this year.  He's signed a deal that's worth $12 million over 5 years, with a little over $8 million in guaranteed money.  Last year's #15 pick, Tye Hill, signed a 5 year, $10.2 million deal with $7.7 million guaranteed.  This means that Timmons got a 17% increase in total money compared to last year, with a 4.5% increase in guaranteed money.  So now we are starting to see how much Ginn's contract could be worth and, hopefully, both sides can sit down and hammer out a deal quickly.

As far as Beck goes, and this is just speculation, but a "source" tells me that Beck is close to signing a 4 year deal and that all that needs to be worked out is the guaranteed money.  Hopefully, this "source" is reliable.  But if not, don't kill me.  I'm just the messenger.