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Mormino signs; update on John Beck and Ted Ginn

And then there were 2.  The Dolphins have signed Drew Mormino to a 4 year deal, this according to the Sun-Sentinel.  Mormino's agent has said that Drew will "most definitely" report to camp today, as it is the reporting date for rookies.  

However, the team's top 2 picks, Ted Ginn and John Beck, will not be there, at least not yet.  Both remained unsigned, and with only 2 1st round picks signed, some Dolphin fans seem a bit worried about getting Ginn into camp quickly.  But like I said in the earlier post today, they don't practice until Tuesday and the full team doesn't report until Friday.  So let's give them more time before we worry.

As for how negotiations asre coming along with these 2, the only piece of information comes courtesy of Armando Salguero's blog:

With only a couple of days before rookies go on the field, the team is still optimistic top two picks Ted Ginn Jr and John Beck will be in uniform although they remain unsigned as of this writing. Beck's agent has been working to get his client in camp while Ginn's agent, Neil Cornrich, has been a little harder to move from his negotiating position.

I've believed all along, like many of you, that Beck would get signed and into camp before Ginn does and it seems we're all going to be right.  And for Beck, even if he does miss a few days, or even a week, it's not really going to affect him or the team THIS YEAR because it's unlikely Beck even sees the field this year.  Of course, it would be greatly beneficial for him to be here as early as possible so he can continue learning and preparing for the day when he's our starting QB.

As for Ginn, I think it is pretty important for him to get in as quickly as possible.  If he wants to really contribute at all as a receiver this year, he needs to get into camp, work with his quarterback, polish his route running, and get a firm grasp of the playbook so that he can be effective in whatever WR role he is given.

But like I said, it's not time to panic, as there's still time before the rookies hit the practice field and even more time before the first full practice commences (which is Saturday, for those that didn't know).  So let's hope between now and then, Miami's front office can strike these 2 last deals and be the first team to get all their picks signed.