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All-Time Favorite Dolphin Competition Update

Voting for group 7 of round 2 is now complete.  Here's how the voting shaped up for who you all chose to eliminate:

  1. Ricky Williams: 65%
  2. Ronnie Brown: 13%
  3. Tim Bowens: 12%
  4. John Offerdahl: 9%
  5. Richmond Webb: 1%
Therefore, Webb and Offerdahl move into the top 20 while Ricky, Ronnie, and Timmy are all given the boot.  Interestingly enough, Ricky actually was one of the lowest vote getters in terms of elimination votes in round 1.  But that was before the latest failed drug test.  Goes to show that most Dolphin fans were ready to forgive him prior to the most recent screw up.

Anyways, voting for group 8 is up.  Only 2 more groups after this one until we complete are top 20.  As always, remember to vote for the player you want to ELIMINATE.

And as a reminder, tomorrow we will continue on with our training camp previews.  Between now and then, let's all hope that Ginn, Beck, and Mormino get signed or at least show signs of progress.