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Cameron speaks on Culpepper situation

For the first time since Daunte was released, Cam Cameron spoke about what transpired throughout this whole saga.  Here are some of his quotes:

"Immediately, there was an opportunity to trade. Then for a variety of reasons, the trade did not take place. The trade process drew the whole thing out. Ultimately, the trade was not able to get done, and we moved in a different direction."
"Right away after we talked with Daunte and alerted to him that he would not be the quarterback, we had a discussion and said we want to work together. That process started, and there was an opportunity for a trade."
"His time with me, he was never 100 percent. He would tell you that; he would agree with that. I've had very open and honest conversations and to evaluate a guy who is not 100 percent ... we're not going to do that given our situation. It's hard to make a decision on a guy who's never been on the practice field."

This contradicts the things that Daunte was saying.  According to Cam, he and Daunte met and agreed that the Dolphins would look for a trade.  Daunte, on the other hand, said he'd block any trade the Dolphins tried making.  So which one is accurate?  Who really knows.

One theory would be that Cam's statement is accurate and Daunte did agree on trying to work out a trade and then, like a spiteful 5 year old, he changed his mind and decided he didn't want to help out Miami, even though he did rehab on Miami's dime.  But that's looking at it through "Cam-colored" glasses.  It could also be that Cam is lying.  At this point, who cares?  Daunte's gone and training camp is right around the corner.  That's what's important.