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Around the AFC East: New England Patriots

It's time to continue going around the AFC East. Next up is tommassee from Pats Pulpit:

Phinsider: What one storyline or positional battle (outside of the WR battle) are you most anxious to see once camp gets underway?

Pats Pulpit: Unless Asante Samuel decides to fulfill his obligation, I'm very interested to see how cornerback develops. Jetfighter asked me about that whole situation, and I mentioned that some "experts" are predicting Brandon Meriweather will move to cornerback. I don't think so, but you'll have to go to NY Landing Strip to see what else I had to say.

Outside of cornerback, I'm interested in running back. Sure, Laurence Maroney is probably the starter, but I'm still concerned that he's durable enough, and I'm not sure whether he's ready to carry the load in a leadership role. I haven't see a lot of Sammy Morris, and I'd like to see him step up to the challenge. (I should have asked you and Brian G for some scouting reports. Let me make a note of that.)

Corey Dillon has been on the market for three and a half months after asking to be released, but no one has picked him up, and he hasn't made any retirement announcements. While I don't think New England would go in that direction, it's not entirely out of the question.

Everything else seems pretty cut and dry. It's a nice situation. I'm just hoping everyone shows up to play and stays healthy. Injuries have been New England's biggest enemy.

What other storylines are there? "Will Tom Brady be there when Bridget Moynahan delivers?" Sorry, not interested. If you think of anything, let me know. We need stuff to write about, and we've had enough of Michael Vick and Tank Johnson. And Bridget Moynahan.

My take: It must be kind of boring to be a Patriots fan right now. Like tommassee said, everything is pretty much cut and dry except for the Samuel situation. Oh how it would be so nice to be "comfortable" heading into training camp.

And to see my response to his question, you can head on over to Pats Pulpit.

Back with final part in a bit...