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Some Good News

I wish I was writing that the 4 remaining unsigned rookies had been signed, but that's still not the case and, yes, time is running out.  But there is good news on this Wednesday morning and it comes from ESPN's John Clayton, courtesy of his blog:

Chambers safe: For those in Miami worried about the status of wide receiver Chris Chambers because of his weekend incident in he was suspected of driving while impaired and speeding, he doesn't have much of a chance of being suspended if he's found guilty. First, the courts won't be able to start his case until the middle of August. Second, he doesn't have any past incidents that would put him in front of commissioner Roger Goodell. He will be available for the opener against the Redskins and thereafter.

That's good to hear.  And having it come from Clayton is certainly a good thing, as he is one of the very few people from ESPN whose stories I trust.  Hopefully, this gets taken care of fairly quickly so that it isn't a distraction.  Either way, though, it's good to hear that Chambers is unlikely to miss any time.