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Cam Cameron's Approval Rating

I'd like to point out a new addition to the site.  If you look over to the right, you'd notice a new poll.  Much like a political approval rating, this new poll is a simple way to see if Dolphin fans approve of the job new head coach Cam Cameron has done so far.  It will always be there and I will reset the poll every so often so we can see if his "approval rating" is rising or falling.  For example, every Monday morning following a regular season game, the poll will reset.  It will also reset throughout training camp and the preseason as I see necessary.  I will also keep this thread constantly updated so that we can keep a running diary of Cam's "approval rating."  I will update this thread every time I reset the poll.  

It's just another simple tool for Dolphin fans to use to voice their pleasure or displeasure with the team.  I hope you enjoy it.