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All-Time Favorite Dolphin Competition

Round 2, group 5 voting is over and here are the results for who you guys chose to cut from the game:

  1. Lamar Smith: 59%
  2. Keith Byars: 22%
  3. Tony Nathan: 13%
  4. Dwight Stephenson: 5%
  5. Larry Little: 1%
Therefore, Smith, Byars, and Nathan are all gone.  No love for the running backs.  

Moving along, the voting for group 6 has begun.  However, it isn't to the left like it usually is.  The site I use for this poll is having technical issues, so I'm using the main poll to the right for now until the other site can get their crap together.  So for at least this one group, this is how we are doing it.  And as always, remember to vote for the player you want to see ELIMINATED.

Back later today/tonight with regular posting resuming.  On tap for tonight is an in-depth breakdown of the Dolphins' red zone efficiency.  Or should I say inefficiency to be more accurate?