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Culpepper Creating a Circus Atmosphere

Daunte Culpepper has passed out a press release to the media today that informed everyone how he felt and what he was doing about it.  In the press release, Culepper talks about how his dream to play for the Miami Dolphins has turned into a nightmare and that he simply wants to be released.  It also says that he has asked the legal department of the Players' Union to get involved.  Therefore, this mess is going to get even uglier.  

Apparently, Cam Cameron said today that the team was prepared to drag this circus out into training camp if they needed to.  They clearly don't want to simply release Culpepper and would rather get something for him.  However, Culpepper, upon hearing Cameron's comments, said, "That's cool," and passed out his press release.

Here is the full press release.  Below is the final paragraph:

I am now waiting for the Dolphins management to do what is right and fair by granting my release so that I can find a team that will appreciate my talent and love for the game. I do not want to cause any disruption while I want, so I will only be at the facility in order to run and lift. What happened (Friday) in the team meeting and on the field was unfair to both me and my teammates. The NFLPA legal department is reviewing the situation and Gene Upshaw has encouraged me to continue to be patient and professional.

I, personally, would have to say that while both of them are handling this situation wrong, the Dolphins' front office is certainly more to blame for the chaos that has been created because of this.  However, I can't blame them for doing this.  Football is a business.  The Dolphins are just trying to get some minor return on their investment.  And Daunte needs to keep in mind that he did rehab on the Dolphins' dime, so they have a right to try and get something for their investment now that he claims he is healthy.  

But, of course, the union is likely to come in, make threats, and get Culpepper released.  After all, the sole purpose of the Players' Union is to basically be a pain in the ass to all those involved on the business end of the sport.  I guess that justifies Gene Upshaw making a rediculous salary of reportedly $4 million.  

Regardless of who is right or wrong in this situation, though, I just hope it ends in a hurry so we can all just move on.

Oh, and by the way, there's a mini-camp going on.  For opinion and analysis of it, check out Greg Bedard's live blog of the practices.