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Another Culpepper Update

Morning practice is now over, which means most of the attention will turn to why Daunte left the field, waved to the crowd and the media, and then never returned to the field.  Was he simply done for the session?  Was he cleaning out his locker because he's on the move?  Cam Cameron had this to say:

"Right now I have no comment because there are things that we are currently working on," Cameron said. "Things that if I made a comment, it could put those things in jeopardy. So for right now, I have no comment."

Sounds like something is brewing.

**UPDATE at 1:05pm** The guys from FF Champs are reporting that team sources have told them the Dolphins have reached a deal with th Jaguars, sending Daunte Culpepper to Jacksonville for "undisclosed considerations" pending a physical. More on this as I hear it.