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Ginn and Culpepper Updates

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The Dolphins are wasting no time with Ginn, as he already is practicing as the team's first string punt returner.  This comes from Alex Marvez:

In his first Dolphins minicamp practice, Ginn was the first player to field a punt during a coverage drill. Ginn isn't running with a limp but from my vantage point couldn't tell whether the team's first-round pick is already back at full speed after needing most of this year to recover from a sprained foot suffered while playing for Ohio State.

Another breaking story is that of Daunte Culpepper.  Culpepper was throwing around on the sidelines when this happened, according to Marvez:

Daunte Culpepper has just left the practice field at team headquarters.

Culpepper walked off in the middle of a throwing accompanied by team security director Stu Weinstein. That indicates a Culpepper trade or release might have gotten completed while he was practicing.

More details to follow.

Also, Greg Bedard reports the same thing:

Culpepper just walked off the field -- waving to the media. Not sure what that means yet;

-- Updating that previous note, Culpepper was escorted off the field by Stu Weinstein, the team's head of security. That usually means something has transpired. A Dolphins spokesman said he hasn't been told anything;

More to follow....