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Around the AFC East: Recap

As I'm sure you all know, yesterday featured the latest installment of "Around the AFC East." You can scroll down to see what we talked about on this site. But here's a recap of what was going on around the other AFC East sites:

Over at Buffalo Rumblings:

-I talk about Miami's tight end situation and David Martin.

-Tommassee tells us if he thinks Tedy Bruschi is losing a step.

-Jetfighter talks a little bit about the Jets' defensive philosophy.

Over at NY Landing Strip:

-Tommassee tells us why he isn't sold on Laurence Maroney.

-Brian G explains to us all why J.P. Losman is going to "be a star."

-I talk a little bit about Will Allen and Miami's corners.

And last but certainly not least, here's what was going on over at Pats Pulpit:

-Jetfighter gives his opinion on whether or not the Jets did enough this offseason.

-Brian G breaks down Marv Levy, the GM.

-I give my opinion on what it will take for the Dolphins to get off to a good start, as opposed to last season.

There you have it. Like I've said, if you got a question you'd like me to ask one of the other AFC East bloggers, send it to