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Daunte Culpepper/Ricky Williams Updates

Just some afternoon updates for you guys.

First of all, Daunte Culpepper's arbitratio hearing has been postponed until Tuesday.  It was originally scheduled for today.  It was delayed because of the person hearing the case had flight issues.  This hearing is due to the fact that Culpepper is fighting to be released, saying the Dolphins violated his contract by not allowing him to practice in mini-camp.  However, he was able to practice in individual drills.  He just received no snaps in the team drills.  That, my friends, is not grounds for any violations.  It's the same as the 4th string QB not getting any reps.  It happens.

As for Ricky, John Clayton is reporting that Williams will apply for reinstatement come September.  However, even if he is reinstated, it isn't likely he remains with the Dolphins.  In fact, it's unsure if any team would want him.  In my opinion, I think it's 50/50 right now as to whether or not Roger Goodell will even reinstate him.

That's all for now.  Have a good weekend!