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Around the AFC East: Part I

This week, I'm going to handle the "Around the AFC East" segment a little differently, breaking it down to 3 parts so that it isn't as overwhelming. So this is part I of the segment this week. First up, it's the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Rumblings' own Brian G:

Phinsider: Buffalo was ranked 30th overall in total offense last season. What's going to be the one key to improving Buffalo's offense? Is it the continued development of J.P. Losman or the impact Marshawn Lynch is going to have on both the running and passing game? Or is it going to be something else all together?

Buffalo Rumblings: Choice D- All of the above. Our offense made a lot of big plays last year and we scored a lot of points in the second half of the season, but we were never able to consistently drive the ball down the field on a consistent basis. A lot of the potential success we'll have this year will be based on how quickly the offense as a whole can gel.

We've got a brand-new offensive line, and they're big/athletic/strong, something that hasn't been seen in Buffalo for quite some time. We have a newly implemented H-Back position, where we'll be using tight ends much like Chris Cooley used to be utilized in Washington. We have depth at wideout, depth at running back (with receiving talent!) and tight ends who should benefit from improved offensive line play. The result is an unprecedented number of players that can run outside and in, make catches short and deep and be effective in the red zone.

To me, it's on Losman. The pieces are in place, but he's going to have to do something he's rarely done at the NFL level: lead. This is his team now - last season proved he has the physical talent, but he needs to be a lot more assertive in the huddle and on the sidelines, and he needs to prove that he can get his team out of tough jams. If he can do that, the sky is the limit for our offense.

My take: Maybe it's my bias against the Bills, but I am just having a hard time buying into all this JP Losman hype. And it isn't just Bills fans. The mainstream media also seems to be all over Losman's junk and I am yet to see why. I think he's an adaquate starting QB. But I can't see him evolve into a top 15 NFL quarterback. But I guess only time will tell.

[editor's note, by Phinatic] Let me clarify top 15 QB. I'm not talking statistically. Stats are misleading. What I mean is that there are at least 15 QBs I'd take a head of Losman if I was picking a QB to be my starter this year. I don't ever think J.P. Losman will EVER become that kind of QB. And, by all means, if you'd like a list of the 15 QBs, I'd be happy to provide it. Bottom line: JP Losman really isn't that good. Period.

Also, be sure to head over to Buffalo Rumblings to see my response to Brian's question.

I'll be back later with the part II of "Around the AFC East."