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Some Dolphin Nuggets

Here's a few things I thought I'd throw out there for your reading pleasure:

There's a good article by Andrew Abramson in the Palm Beach Post about Brady Quinn and the fact that his draft day slide still bothers him:

But Quinn, in town for the NFL's rookie symposium at PGA National, wore a Cleveland Browns shirt. He said he was stunned when the Dolphins passed over him and instead drafted Ohio State receiver Ted Ginn Jr. with the ninth pick in the NFL Draft.

"At that point we pretty much thought it was a done deal," Quinn said.

Quinn said Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis had talked with the Dolphins, and was led to believe Miami would select Quinn if he was available.

"That was something said to (Weis by the Dolphins)," Quinn said.

Weis and Dolphins officials were unavailable for comment Tuesday, but Quinn said he's come to terms with being drafted No. 22 overall - far below his projected status. The Dolphins elected to go with Ginn, before drafting quarterback John Beck out of Brigham Young in the second round.

"A team's going to pick based on what they need," Quinn said. "Maybe (drafting Ginn and Beck is) what they wanted all along and they were trying to hide that."

Quinn said that a week after the draft, his friends e-mailed him a video clip on YouTube of the Dolphins' draft party fiasco. Fans booed coach Cam Cameron, and walked out of Dolphins headquarters after the team passed on Quinn.

"It feels good that a team's fans would feel that way about you," Quinn said.

Seriously, Brady, get over it.  Yes, the Dolphins passed you up.  In fact, so did over 20 other teams.  Instead, the slip still stings and he's likely to hold out because he feels he should get paid more than what the usual 22nd overall pick gets paid.  But, in my opinion, that would be the wrong thing to do, seeing as how he has looked pretty bad at Cleveland's mini-camps.  but let him do what he wants.  If he wants to hold out and harp on the fact that he should have been taken higher, than let him.  He'll just be showing everyone what I already believe:  that Quinn is an attention-craving media whore who will never be more than a slightly above average QB.  Enjoy Cleveland, Brady.

In that same Andrew Abramson article, there's a little one liner at the very end that stands out.  It says that Ginn and Beck have both said they will sign their contracts before camp opens, which is July 29, by the way.  That means they have just over a month to get it done.  While we're at it, Drew Mormino and Samson Satele also need to sign contracts.  

I'd expect Mormino and Satele to be signed in a couple of weeks once the July 4 holiday comes and goes.  However, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried at all about both Beck and Ginn.  With the recent history of Dolphins 1st round picks holding out (Ronnie Brown and Jason Allen), how could any Dolphin fan not be worried?  I'd say I'm 99% confident Beck is signed in time.  But for Ginn, I'd say I'm in the 60% area.  And it's crucial for Ginn to get into camp on time, seeing as he needs to pick up the offense if he wants to have any impact outside of being just a return man.  Hopefully, the two sides can get a deal done well before camp starts so we can all rest easy.  But at this point, who knows?  What I do know is that Ginn will probably be expecting a deal in the area of a 5 year/$19 million deal with $13 million of it being guaranteed.

There's an interesting post in Greg Bedard's blog about how Fred Evans is doing following his thrilling weekend that saw him puke in a cab, pass out in the back of it, wake up to a cop arresting him, punch the cop, bite the cop, and get tasered twice.  Apparantly, he's taking it hard.  His agent, Drew Rosenhaus, told WSVN that Evans is "struggling" and that this "is a tough experience for him."  Well no shit!  Maybe before he gets too drunk (by too drunk, I mean drunk enough to not be able to tell the cab driver where he is going so that he can get home), he'll think about the fact that he's a player in the National Football League and getting plastered like a college kid at a panty raid probably isn't a good idea.  

Rosenhaus also says that he is unsure of his future with the Miami Dolphins and that he will meet with Cam Cameron at some point in th near future.  I think it's safe to say that, especially with word getting out about how Evans was already on probation stemming from "possession" charges, that Evans is likely to be shown the door.  Hopefully he's sober enough to make it through the door without incident.