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Mueller Extended

Earlier today, a "source" revealed that the Dolphins have extended GM Randy Mueller's contract through at least the 2009 season.  According to this source, they have also revised his current salary.  His current contract ran through June of 2008 and was worth $2.1 million over 3 years.  It'll be interesting to see how much more he will be getting.

Either way, it's well deserved and I'm glad that it has been completed.  I remember back in January when we were all worried that Mueller would leave for the same job in Tennessee.  However, he declined an interview for the job, relieving all of us and committing himself to the Miami Dolphins.  Now, his committment is official.  He's here with Cam Cameron for the duration.  This is their team now.  So let's see what they can do.

Your thoughts on the extension?