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All-Time Favorite Dolphin Update

One last thing before the weekend, I just wanted to update you all on the All-Time Favorite Dolphin Competition.  The voting for group 2 of round 2 is completed and here are the results for who you wanted to eliminate:

  1. Glenn Blackwood: 41%
  2. Irving Fryar: 28%
  3. Troy Vincent: 25%
  4. O.J. McDuffie: 3%
  5. Bob Griese: 3%
Therefore, Blackwood, Fryar, and Vincent have been eliminated and McDuffie and Griese move into the top 20.  

Voting for group 3 has begun as you can see to the left.  Be sure to get your vote in and remember: you are voting for who you want ELIMINATED from the competition as we inch ever so closer to the top 20 most popular Dolphins of all-time.