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Pete Kendall Update

I know many of us are hoping for Pete Kendall to get released by the Jets and for the Dolphins to sign the 33-year old, so I wanted to point this out incase you weren't watching NFL Total Access today.  On the show, Adam Schefter reported that Kendall plans on speaking to the media tomorrow about how he feels he's being mistreated.  It all stems from how he was willing to restructure his contract last year to help the team and this year, they won't give him what he wants (so much for "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours").  In the report, Schefter said that if he was released, Miami would be a likely landing spot.

What an addition he would be if the Dolphins could land him.  He would slot right into the starting left guard position and be a very good bridge until Drew Mormino was ready to take over in a year or two.