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Reader E-Mail

Here's another great e-mail I got. This one came from Dave Howard of Alabama. He defends the Dolphins' moves this offseason and reminds us that we should all have a little faith:

Can I say something?

I am just absolutely BAFFLED at how people are second guessing our team & cutting them down for making "questionable" changes. Jeeeaz people, all we've done since Shula left is complain because our offense stinks! We finally have: 1) an offensive GURU for a head coach, 2) a Killer running backs coach, and 3) Terry Shea as the QB's coach! How do you think you're gonna take one of the worst offenses in the NFL & turn it around?

"Clean out the garage & start over: DRAFT, DRAFT, DRAFT!"

This was a masterful draft. I watched Ginn's carreer at OSU. He's gonna be special, and did any of those "experts" PAY ATTENTION THIS WEEK? He's practicing at full speed already! He caught something like a 50 yard TD pass in stride from John beck in 11 on 11 drills! And by the way, all you second guessers on our first round pick: It's a known fact (to people who pulled their heads out of a dark brown hole) that the Houston Texans were licking their chops sitting at #10, and were going to SNAG Tedd Ginn, if we took Quinn!

Beck will be better than "Media Boy" at QB, and he is a gutsy tough, smart, down to earth team player. I like how some are saying Cam's getting fired after 1 year, and we'll get Cower. Here's my bet: After 1 or 2 years of Quinn brushing his teeth, combing his hair, dating super models and laying eggs in Cleveland, Romeo will get fired & Bill Cower will have a homecoming back to the Browns (where he started). By then, Beck will be in the Pro Bowl, and Cleveland will be watching us play in Jan & Feb!

It's already looking like 2 rookies from this draft may very well start on the O line this year. it's entirely possible that 7 out of our 10 picks will be starters before year's end. Yeah, that's scarey, but that's also the start of a great future!

We now have Ronnie Brown & Lorenzo Booker; a great change of pace RB combo, who will follow Cory Slessenger and later The Juggernaut (GREAT blocking FB) around the corner! Ginn in the slot will stretch the field for Chambers & Marty Booker. We finally have a QB that has a quick release, can read a defense, and throw timing routes to OUR players (not D Backs)! And WE FINALLY HAVE AN OFFENSIVE COACHING STAFF that can teach, coach, and call plays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Listen, I like Daunte, but this is gonna be Cam's offense, (anyone remember San Diego the last few years???????). What would you want: Saban's BORING offense, or speed, intensity, unpredictability, and a quick strike? Daunte just doesn't fit this offense! It's as simple as that, and that's all there is to it! Like him or not, he's a reaction & run for your life QB! His only success came when he had like a 6'5" Moss out run & jump D Backs to the ball! He holds the ball too long, gives away his plays when he locks on receivers, and then runs for his life, throws INT's or gets sacked!

Trent Green fits the offense that Cam/Ran is building here. His strengths? Leadership, demeanor, toughness, quick reads, a quick release, accuracy, timing routes, and intelligent enough to read defenses & look-off D Backs! Oh by the way, the QB we drafted has all those same qualities!!!! Green is the PERFECT bridge to John Beck, not Daunte. I CERTAINLY wouldn't want Daunte teaching Beck how to stand there, hold the ball, holler "Oh Shnit, & run!"

Will we be in the playoffs this year? No one knows, but yesterday on ESPN radio (The Huddle) the experts said the DOLPHINS will challenge New England this year in the AFC East!

If you're as sick of our poor offense as I am, you have to look at the staff we assembled, see their vision, and be patient! They have a plan, and everything is going according to that plan, to a T. If you're a true Dolphins fan (I have been for 37 years), be patient & have a little faith. In order to make landslide changes, you have to do some scary things. It will pay off. Otherwise, I guess all of you wanted to keep that same boring, predictable, low scoring, wonderful offense that we had the last 5 years!

Cam & Randy, I congratulate you on having the nads to make these moves, and I for one will be there on the wagon, when all these fair weather fans want to jump on with us! (Don't worry, I'll hold my hand out & pull you up).

I've been a Dolphins fan since that long Super Bowl Sunday when Dallas beat my underdog team, (as the rest of my family ribbed me). I stood on the couch (at age 8) and screamed, "My team's gonna kick EVERYBODY'S BUTT NEXT YEAR!" Next year: 17 and O. We did it, and I've been a loyal & die hard fan since. Thanks Miami for everything. Let's get back to the glory days!


I couldn't have said it better myself!

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