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Reader E-Mail Time

I am beginning to receive a lot of e-mails, which I highly encourage.  Every once in a while, I get a few that I feel I want to share with everyone. And remember, you can send your e-mails to  The following is one of two that I want to let everyone take a look at.  This one was sent in by JB, and is about the Daunte Culpepper saga that is playing out right now.  Take a look:

I love your site but have a comment about you saying it is "the wrong thing to do morally speaking" regarding our Fins trying to extract DC's trade value as opposed to releasing him.

Since when is it incumbent on any team to do such a thing? Every team has an obligation to continually improve their competitive edge by using strategies like this, its normal!!! Only because this has turned into a soap opera, mainly due to DC, have you and your media brethren even had thoughts of this. In a Brett Favre's case, where he spent a career in GB, if he walked into the GMs office and said, "hey release me so I can hook up with a contender like the Ravens", I would agree with you, but DC has done nothing for this team ala Favre has for his.

Dont forget the Fins gave up a 2 for DC AND paid him $5.5 M last year AND gave him first class training/medical care AND a chance to resurrect his career post the Vikes Love Boat affair. The Fins received NOTHING in return in terms of wins and that is what it is all about.  I dont blame DC for this, as he did his best (although was a mention inside of a story for one of the local papers that refutes this the other day, basically saying Steve Young was right last year) and it looks like it takes 2 years to recover from a major knee injury; especially when you are a one read and run QB like DC.

Keep up the great work on your site!

Your thoughts?