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All-Time Favorite Dolphin Update

I told you it was coming, and here it is.  Round 2 has begun.  First, here are the results from the the 2nd chance voting:

  1. Jason Taylor - 78%
  2. Bob Baumhower - 8%
  3. Channing Crowder - 4%
  4. Pete Stoyanovich - 3%
  5. Dwight Hollier - 2%
  6. Daryl Gardener - 2%
  7. Norm Evans - 2%
  8. Doug Swift - 1%
So you all have spoken and Jason Taylor and Bob Baumhower are back in the game!  

Round 2 has begun, as you can see to the left.  We are down to 50 Dolphin players remaining.  In this round, we will eliminate 3 players from each group of 5.  

REMEMBER:  you are voting for the 1 player you want to see ELIMINATED!  The 3 highest vote-getters from each group will be axed, as we make our way down to the top 20 most popular Dolphins of all time!