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Dolphins to Play Hardball with Daunte

ProFootballTalk has some interesting info on the Daunte Culpepper situation.  They believe that the reason Daunte is refusing to re-do his contract to facilitate a trade is because he has already been in contact with at leat one team and that they could have a "wink-nod" deal in place once he is released.  The idea here is that Daunte can go to that interested team and that team doesn't have to give up any compensation, like a late round pick, to Miami.  However, if this is the case, then it's a clear violation of the "tampering" rule, which states that a representative from another team can't talk to a player while that player is under contract.  

The Dolphins, therefore, are set to hold on to Daunte until at least late July.  The idea here is that the Dolphins, by holding out as long as possible, will diminish Daunte's value to whatever team is interested in him.  And there's nothing the NFLPA can do about it because Daunte still has access to the training facility.  He simply isn't receiving any reps at preactice, and that isn't breaking any rule at all.

You got to respect what the Dolphins are doing, in my opinion.  It may be the wrong thing to do, morally speaking, but it's smart business.  And it's an even better way to stick it to the team or teams who may be tampering.  I applaud the front office for taking this stand.