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Favorite All-Time Dolphins Player

We are very proud to announce that, beginning tonight, we are undertaking the largest process ever of determining who Dolphin fans' favorite all-time Dolphins player is.  If you look to the left of the page, you will see a new poll that has been placed right under the logo.  This poll is what will be the main tool in determining who the most popular Dolphin of all time is.

I have scoured the all-time roster and have chosen 68 Dolphin players that span the franchise's existance.  These 68 players have been broken into 10 groups.  Beginning tonight, you will vote on which player you want to ELIMINATE from that particular group.  Now, for the first round of voting, we will eliminate the top 2 vote getters of each group.  Remember:  you are voting on which player you want to ELIMINATE from each group.  Voting for each group will last about a couple of days.  At that time, I will replace the old group with a new group for you to vote on.  At that time, I will tell you which two players will be eliminated.

As we progress, I will fill you guys in on the how the process is coming along and explain the next steps as they come.  But just so you know, if one of your all-time favorite Dolphins get voted off, you will have a 2nd chance to re-instate one of the eliminated players back into the running.  So don't get too discouraged.  And if I left off your personal favorite, my apologies.  

So that's it for now.  Voting for the first group has started as you can see to the left.  Remember to check back frequently as we progress through this long, and hopefully fun, process.  The goal here, besides determining the all-time most popular Dolphin, is to also get you all to get involved and tell us why a particular is your favorite.  Hopefully, this little game will get you to have some fun and remember some great Dolphins that you may have forgotten.