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Chicago Bears vs. Indianapolis Colts

Ah, Super Bowl Sunday.  Is there any day better than this for a football fan?  Even when your team isn't in it, it's still a special day.  Maybe I was the only one, but I still think back to the days where I would stay up all night when I was little to watch the Super Bowl highlight shows on ESPN from all the Super Bowls ever played.  And as I write this, I have the pleasure of watching the Redskins pound the Dolphins in Super Bowl XVII.  Man, David Woodley played bad.  Despite having a 17-10 lead at the half and a 17-13 lead after 3, they just couldn't hold on.  The Dolphins only gained 11 yards in that 4th quarter.  Wow.  And how much of a beast was Jon Riggins?  Oh well...that was before my time so no use getting angry about it 24 years later.  

On to today's game.  I think this game is more evenly matched than some think it is.  In all honesty, can anyone really believe that the Colts defense will play as good as they did against KC and Baltimore and against the Pats in the 2nd half?  I can't.  But the Bears defense may be a little overrated as well.  

One thing the Bears MUST prevent, though, is falling behind early.  If the Colts jump out to a quick 14-0 or 14-3 lead, this could get ugly quick.  However, I think they 2 week layoff will cause each team's offense to be a little rusty to start, which bodes well for the Bears.

The way I see it, the team that executes the best in the 4th quarter will win this game.  I think it will be a tight game throughout and, in the end, Peyton Manning will rise to the occasion and do what he has to do to win this game and cement his legacy as one of the all-time greats.

Post-season prediction record:  8-2
Super Bowl XLI Prediction:  Colts win 27-20

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