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Cleo Lemon needs to shut the f*ck up!!

You'll remember that following John Beck's first start at Philadelphia, Cleo Lemon made some remarks that really irked me.  You can go back to read that article here.  The highlights of that article include Lemon telling a reporter that he stood on the sideline and "imagined himself guiding the Dolphins on a crucial touchdown drive and maybe, just maybe, a victory.  He also said:

"That's what you always think as a competitor. The day you stop thinking like that, that might be the day you give it up. You always feel like you can give something to the team. By being a competitor, you always want to be on that field."

Then asked about Beck's performance, Lemon said:

I'm not going to talk about anybody else's performance. I can't speak on their performance. I can only speak on what I can give to this team. I feel like I can give a lot to this team, but when decisions are made you just have to play your role."

And if you remember, following that loss to Philly, Beck was seen after the game talking things over for a long time with Trent Green.  And where was Cleo?  He was nowhere to be seen, of course.  And from what I've been hearing, that's basically par for the course for Lemon nowadays.  Rather than be a supportive teammate, Lemon has chosen to be a jealous little child.

Why do I bring this up?  Well we are all well aware now of this play calling saga that has unfolden since Sunday's loss to the Jets.  It's clear that Mike Mularkey was calling the plays down to Trent Green, who would relay them to Beck on the field.  No one knows for sure how much say Mike has inthe plays.  Maybe Cam has plays written down for different situation and Mike chooses the one he thinks is best.  Maybe Cam has an even firmer script for Mularkey.  Maybe Cam has no say in it at all on gameday anymore.  I don't know.

What I do know is that Cam Cameron didn't want this to become a big story.  He avoided giving a direct answer during Monday's press conference because he really didn't want this to be a distraction, which is seems it has become.  

And the player to open up his big fat mouth one again when it really wasn't necessary?  Why, it was Cleo Lemon, of course.  Here's what Cleo said:

"Cam was calling the plays. The plays didn't come from anybody else. They came from Cam. Now they come from upstairs."

"We changed it up so Mularkey started calling the plays. That's how Trent became the facilitator and Cam could focus on other things in the game."

Well that sure is nice.  But here's my question:  who the hell does Cleo Lemon think he is to go and tell the media all this information?  Why does he think he has the right to divulge this information that Cam, Trent, and John clearly didn't really want to get out?  Seriously, it's time for somebody to pull Cleo over to the side and tell him that he's a nothing, a nobody, and that he needs to keep his f*cking mouth shut.  I'm pretty damn sure, thanks to some "sources" of mine, that the coaching staff did not want all this information to come out to the public.  And it did.  And it's all thanks to a scrub quarterback who is lucky to have even had a chance to play in the NFL.  It's like Cleo is being a spiteful little girl who doesn't give a sh*t about this team at all.  Does he think he's too good for this team?  I sure hope not.  Because that's really the farthest thing from the truth.  In fact, if you combine Cleo's play on the field with how he handles team matters off the field, this winless team is still too good for Cleo.

He can't get the f*ck out of Miami fast enough for my liking, and that's the truth.