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Wednesday Practice Update - Some strange happenings

The Palm Beach Post first reported that the Dolphins were without 7 starters at practice today.  Those 7 are Jesse Chatman, Vernon Carey, Vonnie Holliday, Matt Roth, Keith Traylor, Joey Porter, and Channing Crowder.  So now the question is, "why?"

Now, Chatman (ankle) and Holliday (ankle) were on the post-game injury report.  And the Sun-Sentinel reports that Roth (groin) and Traylor (ankle) were out to rest their previous injuries.  So that leaves Carey, Porter, and Crowder as unaccounted for.  One theory for Carey and Crowder might be having to do with the stupid back-to-back personal fouls following the Michael Lehan touchdown (Crowder's on that play; Carey's on the PAT, I believe) that forced the Dolphins to kickoff from the 7 and a half yard line following that touchdown.  So perhaps they were both held out of practice today as a disciplinary action.  But what about Porter?  That I'm unsure about.  If I find any news about any of these, I'll pass it on.

Also coming out of practice, it seems that Cory Lekkerkerker has passed Chris Liwienski on the depth chart.  You'll remember that Liwienski was replaced in the 2nd half by Lekkerkerker.  So he seems to be the starter here for Sunday.  One thing is certain, we need an upgrade at left guard badly.  Other news is that with Chatman out of practice today, Samkon Gado worked with the first team while Lorenzo Booker worked with the second team.  Meanwhile, Lance Schulters has replaced Cameron Worrell as the team's starting strong safety.

**UPDATE**: According to Cameron's press conference today, all of these players are day-to-day. Porter reportedly has a "banged up shoulder," Crowder has a "foot sprain," and Carey has a "lower back problem."