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Afternoon Quick Hits

This is something that I'm surprised hasn't received more attention than it's gotten.  Incase you haven't watched Cam Cameron's press conference on Monday, here's the bit of news you might have missed.  On Sunday against the Jets, it was Trent Green calling the plays into John Beck, not Cam.  Cameron was actually calling the plays, of course, and telling Trent what the play was.  But it was Green physically relaying the call to Beck.  Cameron did say on Monday that this kind of arrangement "gives you an opportunity to talk to your staff, and gives you an opportunity to do some other things."  But was Cam also grooming Trent for a potential coaching job next year?

"We're not interested in doing anything like that. It was just something that Trent and I had been talking about, and something where he's been actively involved and he's done it before."

"He did it while we were there in Washington, and we thought it would be good interaction there. It worked out well. The communication was good."

Alright, so what can this all mean?  When I first heard this, I actually thought the same thing the reporters questioned Cam about, which is that they were beginning to groom Trent to be something on the coaching staff next year.  QB coach?  Probably not, as Terry Shea has been working with Beck and the other QBs all year.  Offensive coordinator?  You wouldn't think Trent could make that kind of jump.  Of course, offensive coordinator doesn't mean calling the plays.  I've heard from numerous people that Cam likes calling the plays, feels that it's one of his strengths, and will likely not give that duty to anyone else.  So maybe Trent could act as an offensive coordinator in terms of working with Beck and the offense during the game and as the voice in John's ear.  Or maybe I'm crazy.  I'm just not too sure.  But for Cam to say that giving that duty to Trent was so he could be more flexible on the sideline is something I'm not buying.  It still requires Cam to call the play.  He's just not relaying it to John.  He's relaying it to Trent.  So something more than they are saying seems to be going on here.

I spoke today with somebody who is heavily involved in scouting and the NFL draft (for a website, not for a team...but he has some connections) and he hold me that he believes GM Randy Mueller will do whatever he can to trade down from the #1 pick (which is where Miami is likely going to draft).  He told me that, like we all basically know already, Randy likes having multiple picks in a round, especially on the first day (which is just 2 rounds beginning in '08).  Personally, if we are going to try to trade with Dallas, I'd want their 2 #1s this year as well as their 2nd rounder this year and a 1st rounder in 2009.  I mean, why not?  This "source" of mine did tell me that he has been hearing that Jerry Jones is as obsessed with Darren McFadden as we are all beingl ead to believe.  So let's really play some hardball here and get the best of this trade.

My only concern here is that McFadden might be even better than Adrian Peterson.  In fact, this same draft "guru" has been told my some league sources that scouts seem to be grading McFadden higher than what A-Pete was graded last year.  Once we through all of the workouts and the combine, if that is the case and McFadden is being that highly touted, then I'm going to be sick to my stomach when we pass on him to either trade down or pick someone else.  Yes, like all of you, I love Ronnie.  But his return to 100% is far from guaranteed.  And having a chanc to land this kind of gamebreaking player is something you rarely get.  So at this point, I'm on the fence.  But right now, I'd say this is how I'm feeling (and I reserve the right to change my feelings as the draft approaches): if we can't trade out of the #1 pick, we MUST take McFadden.  It's one thing to trade out and get great value.  It's another to pass on this kind of special talent for a defensive lineman.  

That's all for now.  Thoughts below...