Crennel/Anderson ?

So here are two separate rumors from (and please, we're not here to discuss faith in their rumors)

A league source tells us that the guy whom Fins poobah Bill Parcells would most like to hire to be the head coach for the attempted turnaround in Miami is none other than Browns coach Romeo Crennel.

and the second:

In April, many fans and league observers expected the Miami Dolphins to take quarterback Brady Quinn with their first-round pick in the NFL draft.  After the 2007 season, it could be that the Fins use a first-round pick (or more) on Quinn's teammate, Derek Anderson.

Several readers tell us that Cleveland radio personality Tony Rizzo said on Monday that the Miami Dolphins could be making a play for Anderson as part of an effort to get better ASAFP under the leadership of Bill Parcells.

Let's talk about Anderson first. I'll admit to not having seen a whole lot of him, so anyone who's seen more Browns games feel free to chime in. He's got a much better supporting cast there, so how would he fare down here? The line is worse, our recievers are less dependable, and we don't have a real tight end. Doesn't sound so promising. And what would we give up for him? I don't know that I'd do the 1st rounder, certainly not more than that. Sure he might be worth it, and better to spend it on someone we know can play at the NFL level than a rookie QB, but I don't know... I'm sick of trading for QBs, and I know most of you are in the same boat there.

And now the Crennel rumor?
PFT also points out that "Crennel is under contract for two more years.  So the Browns surely won't let him go without compensation."   I really can't see Parcells giving up picks to get a coach with the dearth of talent on the team. The draft is too valuable for that, the Tuna knows it. But I guess more important is to see what kind of coach he's looking at--someone who has experience in pressured situations, and someone who has won (even if it wasn't as a HC). And we all saw the Browns floundering for the last few years, so I'd have to think Bill would have some patience. Crennel is hardnosed, and a defensive guy. Either way, that doesn't sound too promising for Cam.

What're your thoughts?

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